• Chao Jimengnan X 4 Tablets 150mg (herbal sex pill)

A very cleaver sexual booster made along with pure organic raw material

and created by the latest complex nanometre removal procedures.

Will certainly put a smile to your Partners Face!

Chinese original natural sex product
penis enhancement for extra hard erection
no adverse results

Each tablet consists of extractions of:.

Epimedium 50mg.

Rhemannia origin 50mg.

Deer root 50mg.

Pharmacological classfication: Complementary medicine-Chinese herbal item.

[Comprehensive product description]: This item is made from only herbal based materials by the newest nanometer extraction procedures and is very fine-tuned and concentrated to have the herbal based materials well powdered. It is soaked up promptly with extended duration of effectiveness. This item does not have phamaceutical active components or any sort of worldwide forbidden materials. The item enhances stamina and vigor, inducing superior efficiency

Indications: To enhance vigor, viality and extended performance.

Dosage and guidelines for use:1 tablet daily when crucial 30 mins before action or going to sleep. You also can chew the tablet for fast absorption.

Adverse effects and special preventative procedures: No adverse effects or reliance have been reported.

symptoms of over-dosage: There are no acknowledged indications of overdose, yet it is not advisable to take severe amount each time.

Specifications: 150mg \* 4 tablets/box.

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Chao Jimengnan X 4 Tablets 150mg (herbal sex pill)

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