• Germany Black Ant X 24 Tablets 2000mg (herbal sex pill)
Germany Black Ant Sex Medicines

Germany black ant, hold-up sex time, stop premature climaxing, without any adverse effects.

1. Main ingredients: saffron. Cordyceps sinensis. Lubian snow. Tibetan yak testicles. Hippocampus.

2. Usage dosage: orally taken, (take one piece 20-30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse) - additionally you can take one piece daily  for day-to-day medication


1). Can not be overanxious for quick results. Over-taking.

2). Treatment, in the event of sexual arousal for a long period it is advised to drink plenty of water to calm the effects

Specs: 2000mg \* 6 Pills/Box.

Place of Origin: Hong Kong.

Feature: Enhance the sexual life, makes penis longer, lasting and increased sexual enjoyment

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Germany Black Ant X 24 Tablets 2000mg (herbal sex pill)

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